The French Government Rejected The Request To Make Mechanical Doping Is Illegal

Hopes that the fight against technological fraud would be strengthened due to criminalisation of hidden motors have been dashed, at least temporarily, by the French government. Politician Marc Le Fur had proposed a motion to make so-called mechanical doping illegal, thus making those breaking the law liable to heavy penalties. He suggested a sanction of […]


Pioneer John Wayne

Kat and I have driven across Washington State countless times on Interstate 90, but it wasn’t until we pedaled across on the John Wayne Pioneer Trail that we had a visceral connection to the state we’ve called home for over 30 years. Pedal stroke by pedal stroke, we traveled through evergreen forests, dramatic shrub steppe, unique […]


I Eat The Elephant One Bite!

Carolyn Carter and her husband Steve are avid cyclists and runners from Texas with an interest in antique bicycles, especially high-wheel bicycles. In fact, their interest runs so high, they’ve both ridden their high wheels across the U.S., and Carolyn is the first woman to have accomplished this feat. When asked what drove her to tackle such […]

Joyride Cycling Tips

Find The Best Cheap Bicycle On Vacation?Go To Chiang Mai.

1/7 paul_the_seeker/Flickr Where to Ride Chiang Mai—Thailand’s second largest city (pop. 398,000), nicknamed the Rose of the North—claims the title of Thailand’s cycling capital. The 90-mile scenic mountain ride from Chiang Mai to Chiang Rai, another cycling hub, is a classic route where elephant sightings are common. Thailand’s highest point, Doi Inthanon (8,415 ft.), is […]