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Find The Best Cheap Bicycle On Vacation?Go To Chiang Mai.

1/7 paul_the_seeker/Flickr Where to Ride Chiang Mai—Thailand’s second largest city (pop. 398,000), nicknamed the Rose of the North—claims the title of Thailand’s cycling capital. The 90-mile scenic mountain ride from Chiang Mai to Chiang Rai, another cycling hub, is a

Riding Radweg: How Germany Cycling

Got a wänderlust for touring Europe by bike? Southern Germany might have your fix. With over 120 routes threading 5,000 miles of dedicated bike paths, there’s something for everyone. Here’s what you should know before you go. Enjoy 5,000 miles of dedicated

Single-Track Railway Companies In The United States.Mountain Biking, Travelling By Train

Your bike can tag along on a cross-country Amtrak train for as little as $10. Last month, our contributor caught the California Zephyr heading west from Omaha toward singletrack in the Rocky Mountains beyond. Multi-modal travel is overlooked in the U.S.,

8 Major Cities 72 Hours

Philadelphia: Raystown Lake The Allegrippis trail system at Raystown Lake—one of IMBA’s flagship riding destinations—is within a three-hour drive of a lot of major US cities, including Philadelphia, Cleveland, Baltimore, NYC, and Wash., D.C. With 32 miles of some of

Six Simple Steps Into The Bike Travel

What Type of Bike Tour Interests You? The first thing to consider when deciding to start bike touring is what type you want to take. Bike touring covers a huge spectrum, from the pick-a-route, grab-a-friend-or-two, pack-and-carry-all-your-stuff-and-go variety to the kind

Prompt Bikepacking Risky Life

In 2015, we traveled to New Zealand, Bolivia, California, British Columbia, and Australia. We took bikes, cameras, and curiosity. The theme: mountain passes. Our goal: Find the cleanest, most interesting, most stylish line from one side of a mountain to

6 Riding A Bike Is Very Happy

Five Boro Bike Tour Location: New York City The king of big city rides, the TD Five Boro Bike Tour lets cyclists cruise through every borough of New York City on streets typically clogged with buses and cars. It’s a

Seven Epic Riding A Bicycle To Travel Around The World

Simien Mountains, Ethiopia The Simien Mountains are a climber’s dream. And by “dream,” I mean the most physically and mentally challenging part of the four months I spent cycling through Africa in 2014. We began our 1,000-kilometer, 10-day ride through