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Namibia And Trains To Ride A Bike

Credit BikeTours.com A safari from BikeTours.com will offer travelers an opportunity to see Namibia’s wildlife from two perches: the saddle of a bicycle and a chartered train. The 13-day, 12-night journey, which debuts next summer, departs fromWindhoek and includes the

In Antarctica, Ride A Bike Tour Price

Cycling to the South Pole won’t be cheap.Credit Fatbike Geilo Adventure-seekers and avid cyclists have a new thrill to consider — TDA Global Cycling will offer the first commercial cycling tour to Antarctica. Though the Toronto-based adventure company is known

The News Of The Air Travel: Private Plane To Cuba

Victor will offer direct flights to Cuba from 19 United States cities. CHARTERS TO CUBA Beginning today, the private jet charter service Victor, which is based in Britain, will offer direct flights to Cuba from 19 United States cities, including

In France, Along The Gulf Arcachon Riding A Bicycle

Riders navigate a bike trail through a pine forest in Cap Ferret.Credit Alex Cretey-Systermans for The New York Times It was midnight in the French forest off the Gulf of Gascony, and I pedaled along the deserted bike trail, fueled

American Railroads Carry Bicycle Service

The Vermonter line, which will allow passengers to ride in designated cars outfitted with bike racks starting May 1.Credit Amtrak Cyclists who long to ride amid the mountain air of New England this spring and summer will soon have an

Ski resorts And Tourism News: Trade;Margaret In Santa fe

Riders on the Hiawatha Trail in northern Idaho, part of a new trip from Bicycle Adventures.Credit Courtesy of Bicycle Adventures/Bailey Barnard SKI DEALS ACROSS THE AMERICAN WEST … Vail Resorts will hold a 96-hour sale on hotels, ground transportation, ski

How Is Grand Adventure Holidays

George Butterfield, at right, and Sidney Robinson, at left, founders of Butterfield & Robinson, lunch with friends in Germany, 1966.Credit B&R Biking- and walking-focused vacations might be common today, but when George Butterfield, 77, co-founded the active travel brand Butterfield

The Tourism And Hotel News: Riding A Bicycle To Travel, Fast And Carefree

A new bicycle trip from Tourissimo will include Friuli in Italy and Slovenia. CYCLING THREE WAYS SLOW Visitors to New Orleans this Mardi Gras season will find a new and as yet unbeaten path in the city. The Lafitte Greenway

Glacier National Park Increased Traveling By Bike

Credit Zack Jones Photography In time for the National Park Service’s centennial year, 2016, Trek Travel has added a Glacier National Park Cycling Trip, making it Trek’s sixth tour to incorporate national parks in the itinerary. On the five-night six-day

From Milan To Rome, Bicycles And Beer

Credit Henk Wesselink Bikes and BeerThe Oregon-based tour company Beercycling has expanded its geographical reach beyond Belgium and the Netherlands to tap into Italy’s growing craft beer scene. Its new Seven Day Italian Passion Tour debuts April 19, with a