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The French Government Rejected The Request To Make Mechanical Doping Is Illegal

Hopes that the fight against technological fraud would be strengthened due to criminalisation of hidden motors have been dashed, at least temporarily, by the French government. Politician Marc Le Fur had proposed a motion to make so-called mechanical doping illegal,

The Cyclist Strength Training: Is It Worth It?

As cyclists we are always looking for new ways to get faster, and one widely hyped method is to hit the gym to develop more strength. But the reason I’m a cyclist is because I love riding my bike; I

Pioneer John Wayne

Kat and I have driven across Washington State countless times on Interstate 90, but it wasn’t until we pedaled across on the John Wayne Pioneer Trail that we had a visceral connection to the state we’ve called home for over 30

I Eat The Elephant One Bite!

Carolyn Carter and her husband Steve are avid cyclists and runners from Texas with an interest in antique bicycles, especially high-wheel bicycles. In fact, their interest runs so high, they’ve both ridden their high wheels across the U.S., and Carolyn is

Readers Wrote: Problems Of Your Device, Answer

Winter riding, photography, and fat bikes are addressed in our ‘Readers Write’ installment this week. Our new column answers reader questions on gear, adventure, and the outdoors. We’ll tackle a few each week. Send your questions to contact@gearjunkie.com. Question On

There Is No Positive Doping Tests The Tour De France In 2016

The announcement one week ago by the Vuelta a España organisers Unipublic that there were zero anti-doping positives in this year’s race led to some wondering why there was silence from the UCI and Tour de France organisers ASO in

Uci Insists Not Reduce Team Size In 2017

Contradicting the fait accompli announcement made by the Grand Tour organisers plus Flanders Classics on November 25, the UCI has told professional squads and other stakeholders that team sizes will not be reduced for 2017 events. Last month Tour de

Comment On: Cannondale Scalpel – Si, The Fastest Freestyle Bmx

A bike that proves all high-end rides are not the same, the Scalpel-Si might be the fastest XC bike on the planet. Cannondale’s Scalpel-Si race bike is like a supercar—so exotic it’s incompatible with standard parts and hard to work on. It is a short-travel

How To Prepare Your Best Sport Or Racing Season

It can be very tempting at this time of year to take your foot off the gas and settle into an end-of-year slumber for a few weeks. Though taking some downtime has its advantages, it’s vital to keep your fitness

Temporary Australia Nrs Agenda Released 2017: Added Four Races, The Two Came Back

After the most challenging year in the short history of Australia’s National Road Series (NRS), the domestic racing competition appears to be on track for a stronger season in 2017. In 2016, a total of five events slipped off the