How To Deal With Inflammation

How To Deal With Inflammation

It’s tempting to think of inflammation as an adversary, since it causes soreness and unwanted symptoms, but it’s actually an important part of the healing process. Tissue becomes inflamed to recover from More »

Small Lezyne Pressure Drive: The Best Bicycle Pump We Test

Small Lezyne Pressure Drive: The Best Bicycle Pump We Test

Air in the tires keeps you rolling down the road. But how it gets there, and how fast you can fix a flat, is a key concern for riders on pavement or More »

Bora Argon After More Than 18 Riders Nerz Collapse Before Suffering From Headache And Dizziness

Bora Argon After More Than 18 Riders Nerz Collapse Before Suffering From Headache And Dizziness

Recently retired German rider Dominik Nerz has opened up about the problems which forced him to walk away from cycling at just 27 years of age, with the German suffering headaches, dizziness More »

The Ideal Time To Ride A Bicycle

The Ideal Time To Ride A Bicycle

All athletes need an off-season to recover from the physical and mental stress that training and racing imparts on the body. Even if you aren’t training hard, a lack of any form More »

Skunklock: Bicycle Lock Will Let The Thief To Vomit

Skunklock: Bicycle Lock Will Let The Thief To Vomit

Given enough time and tools, any bike lock can be broken. At least this one will then make the thief vomit. The Skunklock, raising funds on Indiegogo now, is a U-lock with More »


Sagan Eyes Roubaix Victory, Hinted That He Could Retire Three, Four, Five, Six Years

World champion Peter Sagan is still only 26 — he turns 27 in January — yet the Slovakian rider has alluded to the possibility that his professional career could be over as soon as 2019. Speaking with journalists at his gran fondo charity

100% Of Guarantee Method Succeeded In Riding A Bike Or Anything.

Why are there pockets of cycling talent throughout the country? What is it that those who win races, or who achieve incredible feats on a bicycle all have in common? There must be a simple answer to these questions, and

Ride A Bike, The Real Family Sports!

When you are out on the bike you always get plenty of time to think . That is , when you’re not hurtling down a steep descent at almost 100 kph when you enter what Eckhart Tolle might call ‘

Random Thoughts Of Leisure Alone Riding A Bicycle

My friend Ger is a recreational cyclist who cycles regularly when not climbing mountains, but has not yet made the step up to clipless pedals and shoes. Here he gives an interesting and entertaining glimpse into one of his average

From Your Bicycle Battle: Martial Artists

The Israeli special forces have long been the envy of hand-to-hand combat fighters. One Minneapolis studio modified its martial art, Krav Maga, into the first and only defense program specifically for cyclists. It’s a Sunday night in the city. I’m on my bike.

5 Application Every Mountain Bike Should Give It A Try

Locate new trails and track your ride. Load your phone with these apps before hitting the singletrack on a bike. Adam Nubern, GearJunkie’s Mobile Office editor, finds new rides every day. A full-time nomad traveling the U.S. by campervan, he uses

In The Winter – Which Is You Need To Know Velocrushindia By Bike

With the temperatures dropping and Mumbaikar’s shivering, now seems like the perfect time to give you some tips on making the most of the winter. With most cyclists not liking the idea of riding in the intense heat or the

Bike At The South Pole, Four Wheels Polar To Ride A Bicycle

One man’s unusual bucket list adventure could be a first for polar exploration, but it’s already a first for the cycling world. Four wheels, a Pinion gear box, a rear sled mount, and 11-inch-wide tread front and rear, Hank Van Weelden’s ride

Top Match Organizers And Peloton Size In The Tourist Group, Classical And Other Activities

More open, aggressive Grand Tours and Classics look possible from next season, with some of the biggest race organisers announcing that they will reduce the number of riders permitted on each team in their events. Tour de France and Vuelta

Bumsonthesaddle, Rohan Kini Interview

“In early 2005, apart from kids, not many thought bicycles were cool. Good bicycle shops were non-existent, which meant no access to good bicycles or accessories. However, there was a new-age bicycle, the Hero Thunder. It was one of the