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How To Deal With Inflammation

It’s tempting to think of inflammation as an adversary, since it causes soreness and unwanted symptoms, but it’s actually an important part of the healing process. Tissue becomes inflamed to recover from damage caused by grazes, injuries, muscle damage and

Small Lezyne Pressure Drive: The Best Bicycle Pump We Test

Air in the tires keeps you rolling down the road. But how it gets there, and how fast you can fix a flat, is a key concern for riders on pavement or trail. For years, a small hand-pump has been

Bora Argon After More Than 18 Riders Nerz Collapse Before Suffering From Headache And Dizziness

Recently retired German rider Dominik Nerz has opened up about the problems which forced him to walk away from cycling at just 27 years of age, with the German suffering headaches, dizziness and disorientation after several crashes where he hit

The Ideal Time To Ride A Bicycle

All athletes need an off-season to recover from the physical and mental stress that training and racing imparts on the body. Even if you aren’t training hard, a lack of any form of break will almost always lead to staleness

Skunklock: Bicycle Lock Will Let The Thief To Vomit

Given enough time and tools, any bike lock can be broken. At least this one will then make the thief vomit. The Skunklock, raising funds on Indiegogo now, is a U-lock with a twist. The hardened medium-carbon steel lock contains

Comment On: The “A” In Bolle Bicycle Helmet For Any Occasion

Detachable ‘aero shells’ and a thermal liner make this helmet adaptable to varying temperatures and terrain. We took it on bike trips around the world for a review. Helmets have become the new focus for techy advances in the bike kit. Carbon, cameras, lights,

Saddle Height: How To Make It Right, Why Is It So Important (Video)

Do it yourself Kernow Physio’s Scott Tomkinson has been responsible for advising WorldTour teams. Below he elaborates on a reliable method of how to set up your saddle height in the comfort of your own home, which is similar to the

Tire Pressure — All This, You Should Care About It?

It’s a topic of hot debate among those that consider themselves hard core cyclists. To many tyre pressure is all about marginal gains; the speed improvements between 100psi and 110psi or what suits the specific gravel surface being ridden. Couple this

Decisions, Decisions Need To Consider, To Choose A Road Bike.

It may seem like an odd time of year to be talking about getting into road riding, but if you are a savvy shopper, now is a great time for a new road bike purchase. Most bike companies have just

Cycling-foot Pain Treatment

Feet transmit all of the power from your body to the pedals. If they hurt, your performance will diminish. The harder you push on the pedals, the more your feet will hurt, further diminishing the power you have worked so