How To Deal With Inflammation

How To Deal With Inflammation

It’s tempting to think of inflammation as an adversary, since it causes soreness and unwanted symptoms, but it’s actually an important part of the healing process. Tissue becomes inflamed to recover from More »

Small Lezyne Pressure Drive: The Best Bicycle Pump We Test

Small Lezyne Pressure Drive: The Best Bicycle Pump We Test

Air in the tires keeps you rolling down the road. But how it gets there, and how fast you can fix a flat, is a key concern for riders on pavement or More »

Bora Argon After More Than 18 Riders Nerz Collapse Before Suffering From Headache And Dizziness

Bora Argon After More Than 18 Riders Nerz Collapse Before Suffering From Headache And Dizziness

Recently retired German rider Dominik Nerz has opened up about the problems which forced him to walk away from cycling at just 27 years of age, with the German suffering headaches, dizziness More »

The Ideal Time To Ride A Bicycle

The Ideal Time To Ride A Bicycle

All athletes need an off-season to recover from the physical and mental stress that training and racing imparts on the body. Even if you aren’t training hard, a lack of any form More »

Skunklock: Bicycle Lock Will Let The Thief To Vomit

Skunklock: Bicycle Lock Will Let The Thief To Vomit

Given enough time and tools, any bike lock can be broken. At least this one will then make the thief vomit. The Skunklock, raising funds on Indiegogo now, is a U-lock with More »


Five Skills Training For Success: Orbike: Look For Adventure

  5 Tips for Training Success Training seems intimidating – the motivation to begin can be daunting. But with a little preparation and planning, you’ll find that it’s easy to stick with your routine, even if you are on vacation,

The French Government Rejected The Request To Make Mechanical Doping Is Illegal

Hopes that the fight against technological fraud would be strengthened due to criminalisation of hidden motors have been dashed, at least temporarily, by the French government. Politician Marc Le Fur had proposed a motion to make so-called mechanical doping illegal,

At Cuyuna, MTB Trails Revitalize ‘Forgotten Region’

‘People said it was a terrible idea, that we had no chance. Some of us believed it.’ -Aaron Hautala Bikers roll into Crosby, Minn., after a day fat biking Cuyuna trails The Old Cuyuna Meth labs. Abandoned trailers. For decades, Cuyuna

The Cyclist Strength Training: Is It Worth It?

As cyclists we are always looking for new ways to get faster, and one widely hyped method is to hit the gym to develop more strength. But the reason I’m a cyclist is because I love riding my bike; I

Ups Provide Electric Bicycle Now

The traditional bike messenger rig is about to get a lot bigger and a lot browner. UPS eBike – UPS Chairman and CEO David Abney (not in shorty-shorts) UPS announced this month that it began testing e-tricycle delivery this November in

Pioneer John Wayne

Kat and I have driven across Washington State countless times on Interstate 90, but it wasn’t until we pedaled across on the John Wayne Pioneer Trail that we had a visceral connection to the state we’ve called home for over 30

I Eat The Elephant One Bite!

Carolyn Carter and her husband Steve are avid cyclists and runners from Texas with an interest in antique bicycles, especially high-wheel bicycles. In fact, their interest runs so high, they’ve both ridden their high wheels across the U.S., and Carolyn is

Jumpstartbiketravel: John Nguyen Houston To Ride A Bicycle

When I applied for the Young Adult Bike Travel Scholarship in 2014, I was asked to propose a service project for the Adventure Cycling Association as a condition for receiving a free bicycle tour in Oregon. I channeled their mission

Cadel Get Curtain Raiser, Crit F1 In Melbourne’s Albert Park Circuit

The Cadel Evans Great Ocean Road Race carnival will grow beyond a single weekend in 2017 with the introduction of a men’s and women’s criterium event, the Towards Zero Race Melbourne. Held on Australia Day, Thursday January 26, Race Melbourne

Readers Wrote: Problems Of Your Device, Answer

Winter riding, photography, and fat bikes are addressed in our ‘Readers Write’ installment this week. Our new column answers reader questions on gear, adventure, and the outdoors. We’ll tackle a few each week. Send your questions to Question On